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Colour change fibre optic injector with white LED (5W max)

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Products codes: DL329RGBW

This lightweight fibre-optic RGBW light source gives you greater design flexibility and huge cost savings. Since you can install it almost anywhere, even in ceiling voids, you'll need shorter runs of fibre because you'll be closer to the zone you want to illuminate. Better still, the life of a maintenance-free LED light source is measured in years not months. The unit illuminates bundles of 30 fibres measuring 1m or 2m. No cooling fan needed. 

As well as giving you the entire range of colours, including the most subtle pastels, you can choose pure white for the times when practicality is more important than atmosphere.

Features & Benefits:

Low weight for mounting in ceiling voids

Requires no fan to cool down

Projects light down 1m & 2m lengths of fibre

Full RGBW colour change

Separate white LED for permanent use

Compatible with a large range of controllers

    Construction material: aluminium