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DH0 housings

Adjustable housing for the DM01 range

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Products codes: DH02WH, DH03WH, DH04WH, DH05WH*

Choose from a range of 4 adjustable downlight housings to create stunning effects. Use the PINHOLE (DH02WH) to direct light in a precise area making it ideal for table tops, picking out features or creating stunning dramatic effects. By using the BAFFLE (DH03WH) you will create a subtle effect ideal for washing wide spaces with comfortable atmospheric light. Alternatively use the HIGHLIGHT (DH04WH) to narrow the light keeping it to precise area or use to highlight key features such as bars, counters or displays. You can position this HIGHLIGHT housing 0.75m from the wall to create a narrow wall wash perfect for highlighting paintings. Lastly use the WALL WASH (DH05WH*) to direct light in a given direction picking out key features in a room or highlighting displays and pictures.

Use with the DM01

*Coming soon

Key Features

Finishes:  White

Angle:  Adjustable -30º

Luminaire: DM01

Diameter: 90mm

    Construction Material: Aluminium